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Magnet Sport Schedules - 3.5x6 Basketball Round Corners - Outdoor Safe
#8213332T TUFFMAG

100 $2.210 each
250 $1.230 each
500 $1.090 each
1000 $0.900 each
2500 $0.670 each
5000 $0.610 each
10000 $0.580 each
25000 $0.520 each
50000 $0.480 each
Keep your message in front of your clients inside and outside.

Personalized with your services and contact information, outdoor basketball schedule magnets are an effective marketing tool. Magnets keep selling long after other products have been tossed away and forgotten.

TUFF MAG Magnets are 30 mil thickness and will work on cars or any other metal surfaces are perfect for outdoor applications - water repellent, fade resistant and outdoor safe.

When used on a vehicle it is recommended you remove and clean the magnet weekly and after rain. There is no warranty expressed or implied against loss of magnets or damage to vehicle surfaces, as factory has no control over how magnets are cared for, altered, stored, and/or used, or the surface to which the signs are applied.

Product Size
3.5 in. x 6 in.

14 per 250 magnets

Country of Manufacture
United States

Additional Information
Price includes printing in full-color (four color process) on one side, choice of stock schedule. Pantone® color match not available in full-color.Custom schedules are billable at $60(C) per hour.

PLEASE NOTE: Dates and times on all schedules are subject to change without notice. Schedules shown online may not represent actual current schedules and are intended to show color, theme, fonts, general layout, etc. of stock schedule. Schedules will be updated as current season approaches. Schedule date and times are taken from official websites of each sport and are subject to change and availability of the individual professional sport scheduling system. Our stock schedules ARE NOT endorsed by any professional sporting organization/team.


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