Cold Cooling Towel
#15103 blank

200 $4.820 each
400 $4.580 each
600 $4.350 each
800 $4.220 each
1000 $4.090 each

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# 15103 blank - Cold Cooling Towel

Beat the heat and the competition by handing out this custom cooling towel at your next event! Available in an assortment of color choices, this 40"x 12" cooling towel is perfect for any type of activity, whether it be hiking, sports, outdoor work or even a simple stroll in the park on a hot summer day.It's simple to use - just wet the towel with water and you'll feel the crisp and cool effect against your skin. Add a silkscreened logo or company name and this product is bound to be the "coolest" around!

Product Size
39.37" L x 11.8" W 1.69 Oz


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